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Our methodology begins with the identification of what roles and tasks can be outsourced to best support your local team to work to their strengths. We analyse your existing workflow and make recommendations about how to structure your outsourcing to maximise productivity and efficiency across different timezones and physical offices.


Simplifying the complex

The traditional “pay-by-hour” style outsourcing models may seem economical at face value but this excludes the effort to train, monitor and manage the quality of the output.

In comparison, our model is a “kaizen” based total quality management approach. We provide high performing virtual staff who are recruited, trained, and managed for performance from the start and for the long term. 

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Business Continuity and Risk

We plan for and advise clients to consider this as part of a business continuity plan. Cross-skilling, up-skilling and co-skilling are important consideration.

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Labour and Tax Compliance

We manage all payroll, government tax and labour compliance requirements associated with employing and operation a business in the Philippines.

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Connectivity and Technology

Connectivity and technology makes the world a small place. We work with premium software and telecommunication providers to ensure you a high quality experience.

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Talent knows no boundaries and the true power of a hybrid local and virtual office model is tapping into global talent and making use of currency differentials.

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